A Cosplayer's Repair Package

If you are at all like me, then you definitely most likely love visiting different conventions. Additionally you most likely like to cosplay too! But when you are seeing a convention that's greater than a couple of minutes abroad, you are have to a cosplay repair package. But what ought to be for the reason that package?

A stitching package is a crucial a part of your cosplay repair package! Who knows when a part of your precious costume might tear and have to be sewn support. Even when your costume does not cash cloth, still pack one. Worse situation scenario is that you simply might have the ability to help some poor cosplayer who didn't remember to bring along one!

A warm glue gun along with a bottle of super glue can also be important. Hot glue is ideal for repairing large props or armor inside a pinch. Super glue is ideal for fixing more compact products or things that should be held by something more powerful than hot glue. Duct tape is yet another possibility for convenient prop repairs.

Fresh paint or Sharpies to repair small scratches may also prove useful. I can not count the amount of occasions the fresh paint on a single of my props has chipped away or been broken. I usually attempt to bring something to the touch in the fresh paint just just in case. It never affects!

Safety hooks and simple-stick velcro may also be godsends for that cosplayer in danger. Costumes prefer to break within the strangest places throughout conventions, therefore it never affects to possess something to carry them within the right places.

If you are likely to be putting on footwear that are not your normal footwear, then bring some elastic bandages. Wrapping individuals around your ft and ankles are an easy way to help keep yourself from getting sore spots when you benefit from the convention.

If you are a lady and will also be putting on pantyhose, then pack some obvious nail polish. It is good for preventing runs that could really finish up destroying your costume.

If you are likely to be putting on makeup, then you will find two what exactly you need to bring along. The very first factor is blotting sheets. These permit you to remove sweat or makeup without completely destroying your makeup and needing to get it done once again.

It's also wise to pack makeup remover. You are gonna need to have the ability to get all of the makeup off the face each evening to ensure that you are able to sleep without them on. Believe me, it's much simpler to get rid of the makeup during the night and re-apply it the following day than attempt to sleep by using it on and touch up each morning.

Cosplaying is among the best areas of likely to conventions, it could be a comic convention or perhaps an anime convention. But costumes are lots of stress with no matter the number of occasions you attempt to master them, things always fail. No cosplay could be caught dead in a convention without their trust repair kits. And when you discover you'll need something you've forgotten, try asking another cosplayer for help. Most is going to be glad to assist another disadvantage-goer!


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